How to get there / Transportation

How to get there / Transportation


For Waze users: enter “Hermon site lower parking lot”.

Directions for those traveling by vehicle:

Take the Coastal Highway No. 2, turn at Zikhron Yaakov Interchange, Route 70 to Yokneam.

At the exit from Yokneam (Tishbi Junction), turn right to Alonim Junction and at the junction turn right to Route 75.

At the second traffic light (Yishai Junction), turn left to Route 77 until the Golani Interchange.

At the Golani Interchange turn left to Route 65 until Nahal Amud Junction, and at the junction turn right towards Kiryat Shmona, Route 85 until Amiad Junction.

After the Amiad Junction, the highway become Route 90 until the exit from Kiryat Shmona, where you turn right towards Kibbutz HaGoshrim and the Banias, Route 99.

On Route 99, pass the Banias, then turn left towards Neve Ativ, Route 989, until the entrance to Majdal Shams, where you turn left to Mount Hermon on Route 98.

*Please note that there is no public transportation that goes directly to the Hermon site.

Shuttles to Hermon: (please note that the shuttles are organized by external companies and are not under the responsibility of the Hermon site).

*”Blue and White Skiing” – shuttles to Hermon. Tel.: 077-4415502 (Danny Bichler).

“Blue and White Skiing” website: Click here

*Doron Shuttles – 052/6321997/058-4499807

“Doron Shuttles” website:

For transportation to the Hermon please call 077-4415502

Round trip travel arrangements from Tel Aviv are available with the Ski Club

For details please call 03-6413066