Ski school

Ski school

Ski School:

A Ski School has been operating at Mt. Hermon  for the past thirty years.

The ski instructors are experienced professionals, certified by Wingate Institute and Ohalo College.

The school offers group and private skiing and snowboarding classes at all levels and in a variety of languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English.

In the school’s skiing area, there is a moderate slope for beginners, with its own beginner’s ski lift& a T-bar lift for more advanced lessons.

After the completion of initial training and practice on the school terrain, students can practice at a more advanced level on the medium slopes.

Instructions for Ski School students:

Classes begin at the appointed time and latecomers will not be accepted.

Classes should be attended without redundant equipment (extra coats, bags, etc.).

Clothing: ski gloves are mandatory at the ski  school for safety reasons. It is recommended to .wear a ski suit,sunglasses, helmet& sunscreen

Classes for children and adults are provided separately due to different learning methods.

Private lessons are one hour only & group classes are an hour and a half and failure to arrive on time is at the client’s expense.

Group classes are an hour and a half.

It is recommended to wear a ski suit, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.


Ski classes for children under the age of 8 are provided privately – one on one with an instructor.

Snowboarding classes for children are from the age of 8. Classes are conducted in groups only.

Private ski lessons are available at all levels.

Ski pass is only included in beginner classes at the Ski School (mandatory for other cable cars).

A refund will be given only at the beginning of the lesson in case the client, who ordered the lesson, is not interested.

Arrive 5 minutes before the lesson with your ski/snowboarding equipment, gloves and sunglasses.

*Please note that you cannot register for skiing classes in advance.